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  • How long does the Piel de Oro® spray tan last?
    The tan lasts between 7 and 10 days. Results may vary from person to person based on skin type, daily routine, and skin care.
  • How often can I get a spray tan?
    The maximum recommended frequency is every 7 days. It is recommended to exfoliate between one session and the next one to remove the product remains in its entirety.
  • Does Piel de Oro® use a single tone of tanning solution?
    Yes, Piel de Oro® uses a single tone of tanning solution. Depending on the client's skin color, the technician will decide how much to apply to ensure that the tan looks natural.
  • Will my skin have an orange tone after the session?
    Piel de Oro®’s tan looks completely natural. The composition of the product and the knowledge of our technicians at the time of the application ensure the ideal results for each type of skin.
  • What do you recommend to extend the duration of the tan?
    The duration of the tan may vary according to the type of skin and the daily habits of each person. However, we recommend hydrating your skin daily, using a neutral PH foam or bath gel, as well as soft and light makeup remover. We also recommend not to use exfoliating products during the first 2 weeks after the tanning session and avoiding prolonged pool or sea bathing.
  • Can I go to the beach or pool after getting a spray tan?
    Yes, after the application, and a waiting period of 6 to 8 hours, you will be able to go to the beach or pool and to follow your daily routines as usual.
  • Can I sunbathe after a Piel de Oro® tanning session?
    After a waiting period of 6 to 8 hours, and after having showered to remove the excess of product, you can sunbathe and should not have any issues. It is important to keep in mind that the Piel de Oro® tanning solution will not protect your skin from the sun, so you should always use the appropriate sunscreen for your skin.
  • Can I wax after a tanning session?
    We recommend waxing before the tanning session.
  • Can pregnant or lactating women get a spray tan?
    There is no risk for pregnant or lactating women on getting a spray tan. In addition to being a natural product, it is applied superficially, and the skin does not absorb it. It will not affect the fetus or the breastfeeding process, but if you have concerns, we recommend consulting with your physician. In the case of lactating women, we recommend not to apply the solution to the breasts area as it might change the taste of breast milk which could potentially generate rejection from the baby.
  • Will the Piel de Oro® tanning solution stain my clothes?
    It will not. Any remaining product that may remain on your clothes after the tanning session will disappear when washed. In any case, we recommend avoiding the use of light-colored garments for a period 8 hours after the application. After showering to remove the excess of product, you should be able to use white clothes without any issues.
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    Piel de Oro® is a highly dynamic company created to enhance the personal image of its clients. The company was born in Venezuela in 2011 with the intention of offering a high-quality spray tanning service without any health risks. We aim to become the best alternative to avoid the side effects of sun exposure or UVA rays in frequent users of tanning booths. Our company’s mission is to provide happiness to those who live the tanning experience at a Piel de Oro® service point.

    With the satisfaction of our clients and the growing recognition of the brand as a guarantee, Piel de Oro® has been consolidating its international expansion with presence in the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, and now in Europe, with its recent opening in Spain.

    Through a franchise system and a profitable model, Piel de Oro® represents a great opportunity for people wanting to start their own business. Contact us if you are interested in being a part of the Piel de Oro® franchisee network.

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